The company looks very good. People crossing me and smiling. The head of Human Resources meet me with a good handshake. Nice feeling. My first day in Europa Factor is born beneath a lucky star.
I enter the classroom and I am introduced to the participants, some have curious eyes, others look at me and seem to ask: What do you want now?
I know that everyone expects a classic lesson on positive thinking, the usual slides and while I speak they go with their minds to distant planets. They still don’t know what is waiting for them. My work consists in an interactive meeting, we will learn together and we will face doubts, no pedestals, but we will look each other in the eyes trying to understand our strengths and our difficulties. In Europa Factor, they do a demanding and difficult job and they need to stay focused and with uncommon emotional control. Yes, but how you can do it?
After a brief theoretical introduction, let’s move on to tell our doubts about work as if we were already a family. I see their eyes light up and communicate to me: Then you are not the usual boring trainer, it is not the classic motivational course in the company! In the same way, I reply: No, I like to get enthusiastic about things and in here we will face each other without mask and without fear. They don’t know it, but they will come out of this training with me with new, fresh energies, without mental junk – here and now it’s all that matters. Listening actively and meeting what the person at that moment is communicating to us, in a word: empathy.
After an hour, the atmosphere is relaxed and questions about how to answer and what to do in case of … I tell him to trust the feelings and to wait few seconds before giving an answer. They are ubelieving; someone ask to me: therefore, there is no always works technique? – You exist with your ability and sensitivity to talk to people and, if you understand who you have in front of you, you can get a good result and a comparison that also improves you.
I leave the training room, I’ve just put away the notes I had prepared and which, as usual, I have not even looked at. I lift my eyes to the sky: I thank God to have given me this talent and to meet me those eyes of curious and hesitant boys who,after few hours, know more about themselves. Like me.